Volcano coming in feb? :o

Chaboi just PMed me with this screenshot :oooo


You forgot to remove the silhouette thingy

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No that’s intentional lol

Plus this is an actual screenshot from chaboi what u talking about .-.


If you are gonna make us believe you invite us to the pm

no he sent on discord .-.

Sure :smirk: :wink:… Tell @Chaboi_3000 to post it here! :smirk:

moon you send this at the wrong timing. chaboi pm’d me and told me it was releasing feb 29 of next year

Send me a pic of the pm

you dont get it do you…

me understand now just not then


hmm, you sure? send pm screenshot xd

hekla volcano :rofl:
what does hekla even mean

idk it’s the name of the volcano

but like is this actually real???
i think you’re using inspect and changing the html lol

I’ll send screenshot of the pm in a sec

wait what? i just refreshed the page and got the volcano world???


:OO but it’s coming in febb

please look carefully before actually thinking its real :rofl: