Weapons display bug

For some reason the attack distance and attack damage says 999
Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 8.00.09 PM

It seems like it’s for all weapons. Probably due to some update.
CC @nick

Yeah it’s for all items that have range:

I can confirm that. It also seems to be true. My hero attacked from half across the level even though it’s attack range was 3(I used a warrior).

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So, uh, is this just a display bug or does it say the actual distance and damage?

It is a bug since it tells the truth but it shouldn’t be happening

Oh, so if you take The Gift of The Trees, you can use 999 damage? Strange bug.

Well for me at least. But we all know that there is a bug.

Strange, for me it’s just a visual bug.

Also change the title it to “weapons display bug”.

Hmm, I tested, and it doesn’t have damage 999

But the funniest thing is that it doesn’t have 83.15 damage too!
Let’s test a sword now.

I think for the 83 damage is when you fire one shot not scatter shot(or the opsite.)

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Maybe. But it has damage 165 that’s two arrows, but scattershot has three…

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Well I guess I just did 94 damage

I just tested with scattershot and only hit one arrow and it did the same amount of damage

Funny thing now is a hit the brawler with all 3 arrows and his health is 215

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I fixed it; thanks for the bug report!


For some weapons there are still some glitches:
caching… it’s OK now!


I think that’s caching and should be resolved within a day.