What computer do you have?

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I have a Lenovo with windows 11!

MSI Laptop with Windows 11

Alienware AREA-51M Laptop with Desktop CPU

Sweet!!! I think I’ve seen something like that before…

Im using a 2020 chromebook. I can’t run minecraft with shaders, or else this entire house might catch fire.


Hp elitebook x360 1030
can run codecombat and minecraft easily

Still absolutely on fire with my 2020 HP Dell Chromebook, literally on fire. The computer is fried help

How did that happen? Did you install a bunch of viruses XD

I ran google classroom’s 2022 update today and my computer froze for 2 hours

That’s not good. The worst that happens to my company is it slows down to very slow so I can barely do anything


Idk man. Both logos are on the computer :sob:


confusing but ok

im using an HP Elitebook 840 G3 that I found in my dad’s tech junk pile. Basically when i first used it, it was locked by my dad’s employer, and it was asking for a security code or something like that. Luckily, they didnt lock the BIOS so I managed to install Windows 10 on it( the most recent version that was supported on it) and i basically restored apiece of junk. It runs youtube and codecombat fine, although it can get laggy when there are a lot of applications open, but other than that, hey, its a free computer.

bro… your a genuis… i couldn’t do thatttt