What is a game tester?

Any advice?
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A game tester is a person who tests any updates that the dev team is planning to implement. They give feedback, find bugs, etc.

Also a position, for which I failed to apply twice.

Get lots of gems per day too?

No, they don’t get gems (as far as I know), why would they?

One of the riticmaster said so in the forum(idk which)


Dabeast45 start with lots of gems

thats because he is on godmode it allows you to do basically anything you want by giving you level 66 (or something) as well as a massive amount of gems and gives free subscriber I think(don’t quote me on this)

Hmmm, so can i gets gems from this?

please stop @ing staff for everything it is very rude they have more important things to do

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That’s the wrong topic for that message…

what do you mean (20 chars)

Well, he didn’t (@)staff here apart from in the first post, even if that is rude, it’s just one post, in this topic he @ed them a lot more

i saw that to you had already told him that but i did it there too