What is the best armor?

Hey, so I was just wondering what the best armour, sword, etc. was

The best armor is that which provides the most protection and the most health. The best sword depends on what you’re using it for. Sometimes a fast sword with less damage is better than a slow sword with a lot of damage and vice versa.

Great, thanks. :smile:

Exceptions for the unreleased armors which has decent HP and great regeneration. Those are sometimes better than just a lot of HP

Are they almost done? The Taurus armor and the windrush coat thingies. These:
This is my favourite item on the thang list: Tauran Plate
The unstoppable bull spirit trapped in this armor lets the wearer regenerate minor injuries.

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Jun 9

Actually that was until I saw these:
This legendary mail catches the wind as you run, speeding your strides.

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 09.48.27.png400x605 91.4 KB

This legendary coif catches the wind as you run, speeding your strides.

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And all that’s left in the tasks is to release it in a subscriber challenge level:
that was from the spoilers free topic, could you try them out? Because their tasks are done.

I’ve used them before, but never used them in another level. (That’s cheating), but it needs a price to it. I don’t want free items!

Are they any good? (20)

Pretty effective, and much better than the dragon armor

AWSOME!!! when is it coming out

those look awesome!
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How did you use them and how do you get to them?

@Chaboi_3000 hacked into CoCo and somehow is able to use unrealeased items @123hi123

Hey dude, I didn’t hack, and don’t accuse people when you don’t fully know if they did it. I just managed to find a trick in the codecombat game, which lets me buy any item. Even unreleased ones. But I didn’t use datamining or anything.

Sorry :sob: i didn’t know you would take it that way

what’s the trick?
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Nick said I can’t tell you :stuck_out_tongue:

The trick is not said by me, no so then try to do this!

And they look sick. Is the taurus plate for warrior and the wind coif for ranger?

Yep. I’ll ask Nick/Maka for more info about this! :wink:

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