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When do I get which Item - A reference

I glitched it so bad, look!

I have 2 tarnished bronze rings!

… How do you have two?!

ya, I wish that were possible. but I restarted so that I could get enough
Jems to get him

I meant how do you have two tarnished bronze rings?! I tried and I couldn’t glitch it or anything…
DId you use Paint and edit it?

By the way, this is offtopic, but… YOU CAN PLAY CLASH ROYALE ON A COMPUTER?!
Also, I can see your bookmarks and their names :rofl:

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do not share solutions. EVER.

by the way, I didn’t even know how I got two bronze rings, but I clicked on the level and it happened.

Please do not post solutions as it takes the fun out of learning coding.

glitched again, oh my god how does this happen look

two thornpricks!(20 characters)

lol this is so annoying actually, because I glitched it by removing ring of speed, then clicking on the slot, then tapping the item.

i can’t do it… rip

you have to have really bad wifi and heavy lag

@Ironhead can you take it of? that is my queston

Yes, but I can’t get the double boost. :disappointed:

oh. ok (must be 20 ch)

If I could do it again, I would take it off, but no, I can’t. : (

No. It glitched when my wifi suddenly lagged.

But you can use twilight glasses, and anything will be in Ritic’s line of sight.


Sorry, this is my(Ironhead’s) real codecombat username.