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When do I get which Item - A reference


u mean ritic the cold?
at like 29k gems or something?
there isnt a new hero, so, i think u mean him.
ritic’s real cool with blink, but he can’t go through walls when he phase shifts :frowning:
argh i hate the auto emoji


Ahh thank you @SuperSmacker that’s the one, I only have him because I get 3K gems per month and I restored all of my in-game purchases so that I could get him. Now I’m kinda stuck :disappointed:


i thought ritic was good…
u shouldnt be stuck
u can try to beat some challenges, like the lost viking, which gives u 40 gems xD and the op kb viking helm
u can try beating kelvintaph defiler if u got there already… i havent beaten that yet but i know it gives u like 1000 gems and 3000 xp
try to beat harder difficulties’ of the brawls, sieges, and treasures.


No!! I have no items!! so I cant do anything!


the lost viking doesn’t require any gear…
the defiler one u can complete as long as you have over 500 health, i think.
too bad i can’t lend u gems :frowning:


You can go to github for the answer (so don’t), but you won’t learn if you do, and it only gives less than 100 gems.


(Lost viking level) By the way, the volcano world will be coming out soon, but not sure how soon. :grinning:


I glitched it so bad, look!

I have 2 tarnished bronze rings!


… How do you have two?!


ya, I wish that were possible. but I restarted so that I could get enough
Jems to get him


I meant how do you have two tarnished bronze rings?! I tried and I couldn’t glitch it or anything…
DId you use Paint and edit it?


By the way, this is offtopic, but… YOU CAN PLAY CLASH ROYALE ON A COMPUTER?!
Also, I can see your bookmarks and their names :rofl:


do not share solutions. EVER.

請教 不知道哪裏錯了?就是不運行

by the way, I didn’t even know how I got two bronze rings, but I clicked on the level and it happened.


Please do not post solutions as it takes the fun out of learning coding.


glitched again, oh my god how does this happen look


two thornpricks!(20 characters)


lol this is so annoying actually, because I glitched it by removing ring of speed, then clicking on the slot, then tapping the item.


i can’t do it… rip


you have to have really bad wifi and heavy lag