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When do I get which Item - A reference


Yes, you can do the Kithgard Mastery level right after you finished the very first level. Nothing special needed.


are you limeted if you enter through hour of code???


I believe HoC uses the Courses version of the game, which streamlines learning by focusing on the coding aspect of the game. You have to play the Campaign version to level up, earn gems, unlock and buy items.


k then
i just started campain mode now i know wat you are talking about


what are the levels numbers? I am asking because there are items that say Level 38 and Level 66 and I want to know when I will be able to buy them. @nick


lvl 38 , lvl 66 refer to the min hero level required to buy the item Check the lower-left of your screen, where the hero level is displayed. You gain crystals and exp upon completing each code level. Maybe an admin could tell us:

what is the expected hero level upon completing:
– all code levels on dungeon (no repeated ladder levels)

  • all code levels on forest

and so on …

Besides lvl 66 are not yet implemented items - still under development / test. Making them level 66 ensures nobody can play with them yet :frowning:


OKAR STOOPFOOT wow he cost soooo much and also preatty slow. but add like a ring of speed and he wil be perfect :heart_eyes:
Also does anybody have him? Is he good? cause I should then save up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


He has terrific AOE attacks. Very usefull as the warriors do not normally have crowd control.
Also very high attack (X1.6) and health (x2) multipliers.


Does anyone know what the is the best sword in the game because I do not know which sword to buy with 5,000 gems so like ya.
Oh can people comment on this topic please:


Sword of the Forgotten. Very fast, and knocks enemies back. Cheaper than Sword of the temple for no reason at all.


Oh thanks bought and it works pretty good must say!:grinning:


There actually is another even better sword that is there. BUT, it is in testing/developing and so it can’t be bought yet. So, for now the best sword is the Sword of the Forgotten.


Do we have any estimate of the release time? i.e. should we wait for the new sword instead of spending gems on the “Sword of the Forgotten”.


Who designs the Heroes? It would be cool to have public requests for cooler-looking heroes (not like they arent already…) But it would be really cool to have customized heroes.


Class selection, and then character customization? Do you want it for aesthetics or function? I think it would be quite cool.


Like, aesthetics and just because I like having my own things, and having everyone to be unique. it would be really cool.
Maybe functions too…
But i’m more of the artistic type.:scorpion::tiger2::crocodile::writing_hand:


I really want both ;). I too love being unique.


To be honest, I don’t know because I just know it from the game. I have no idea about the full update


Is Hattori Hanzo rated one of the good like power, speed etc. warriors? Or just ok.


There is a icon which pops up on the levels telling you what item you get