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When do I get which Item - A reference


@Ironhead can you take it of? that is my queston


Yes, but I can’t get the double boost. :disappointed:


oh. ok (must be 20 ch)


If I could do it again, I would take it off, but no, I can’t. : (


No. It glitched when my wifi suddenly lagged.


But you can use twilight glasses, and anything will be in Ritic’s line of sight.


Sorry, this is my(Ironhead’s) real codecombat username.


Is this post dead?
if it is, sorry.


ye. it’s pretty much ded…
i mean… there aren’t any new items coming out…


maybe not anytime soon, but they will at some point in the far future… :wink:


I hope sometime soon, like when the volcano comes out. When is that anyway?


Volcano’s probably not gonna come out. Glacier’s still pretty empty. Also, there aren’t a lot more concepts to teach.


I really hope you’re wrong about that. Both my daughter and I have been looking forward to it.



(I deleted the poll – do not ask our users for their age – Maka)

I don’t get the correlation between a users age and whether or not the devs release/open up the next realm. I don’t like to speculate without some facts but from a business perspective I would imagine it would have more to do with cost/benefit analysis.


Well, probably 95% of the people that ever heard about CC never made it to the mountains. 25% of that probably didn’t make it to glacier, so… 80% says that CC won’t release volcano. Since most people won’t ever get to see it anyway. Maybe they’ll make it if they got lots of free time, some day.

Users’ age matters. For example, if you are under 13, then you have lots of free time to play CC and advance. If most of the users are adults, they have lots of stuff to do and less time to play CC. If people are above 13 and under 18, they have even more work to do than adults, and will probably have 0 time to play CC. If you are a teenager, u probably play less than under 13 people, but more than the over 13 under 18 people.

Users average age affect the number of people that will be able to see the volcano world and its levels, if it ever gets released, so users age affect whether or not devs release the next realm.

cost/benefit analysis: cost = 0, unless u count the time commitment. benefit: people willing to keep playing. more subscribers. (actually not a lot more, since most people would have subscribed a long time ago if they are ever going to subscribe.)

tbh I don’t think CC is a money-making business. Subscribers mainly just pays off the cost it takes to keep the site up. I think CC is a non-profit organization, cuz this does not seem like a good way to make money…



  1. CodeCombat is not an non-profit organization.

  2. We will eventually release the Volcano area, but that is taking a temporary backseat to far more important improvements we are working on for the game. We cannot promise a date for that at this time.

  3. We will eventually release Illia Shieldsmith. I’m hoping to see her released in spring 2018, but we cannot promise that will happen.



When the level is out for trial (for adventurers) I’ll definitely beat the level and get the hero :smiley:

Non-subscribers who beat levels that unlocks heroes can still use the heroes, even though they didn’t subscribe, right?


Only Alejandro, Anya, Ida, and Tharin are available for free.


@maka, is the design for the volcano finished for the level map?


Hey, I just realized how to screenshot on my pc. I will post a picture on the item reference.