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Which hero is stronger?

Here are some of the strongest heros - which do you think is the strongest hero?

  • Illia Shieldsmith
  • Ursara Master Wizard
  • Zana Woodheart
  • Ritic the cold

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P. S. These are all Tier 4 heros.

Just in case you don’t know them, here are pics:

Here’s Ursara:

how did u unlock them

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Nah Ursara’s ability was just a concept, the real abilities are secret for now :slight_smile:

I don’t think we can know for sure until they’re all released.
I should get working on making an admin environment because I have 0 gems to buy ursara…

ik, cuz that wizard has more dmg than warrior, and no way thats possible

Ok hi, I have a question, why have I never heard of Ursara Master Wizard?

That hero havn’t been released

same as illia, but you can battle illia by going to here:,

i beat illia with okar and some archers with 87 hp left

Ok I get it now.(20 heroes)

try to battle her.
It is extremely hard, 8000 hp with 100 regened per sec and 200 dps

I tried fighting her with Hattori Hanzo but no luck.(Even with bash)

get a high health hero and summon archers

Good idea, but I only have boss star one.

Also, I used Senick Steelclaw but an funny thing happend…


But i honestly think warrior vs worrior is the best

Yeah but if you look closer, the sword…