Which heroes are the most powerful for arenas?

Just out of curiosity, which hero do you think is the most powerful in a certain arena, and why?
These are the list of arenas that relies on player equipment for performance:

  • Cavern Survival
  • Dueling Grounds
  • Multiplayer Treasure Grove
  • Harrowland

Would be great if you can list the best hero for each of these above and a description for why that hero is the most powerful for that arena.

i think nalfar is the best for cavern survival since duh! sacrifice! and most people (not all) already have boss star 1 so they can keep sacrificing soldiers. hmm i think zana is op for dueling grounds AND harrow land but illia is also op in dueling grounds and harrow land so they are tied. multiplayer treasure grove is either ritic or zana those are fast and do a lot of damage if they have gift or the trees.

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Seems like Nalfar is definitely at the top of Cavern Survival. What about the other arenas?

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I agree with cheddarcheese that Nalfar is certainly the strongest in Cavern Survival.
In dueling grounds, I think ritic is probably the most powerful because of his high damage output. Ritic is very elusive and can a lot of damage. Gift of the Trees deals 162 damage per second. If Ritic can get a backstab with shiver in, the enemy freezes for 5 seconds, which means Ritic can deal around 1500 damage just with shiver and Gift of the Trees. I think wizards in Dueling Grounds probably die too easily(not enough health for a 1v1 against rangers) and warriors can get kited.
In multiplayer Treasure Grove, Zana might take the prize, simply because she’s so fast. Any champion with high mobility does well(Ritic, Zana, Pender…). Pender is also very strong in multiplayer Treasure grove because she can cast haste on herself and slow her opponent.
Harrowland Okar seems to do pretty well because the arena is small enough, so if corners you you will have trouble(of course, Ritic does well with sparkbomb) and Okar’s stomp is really effective against enemies.

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These are great explanations @cheddarcheese, @Grand_Sorcerer. Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

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First of all, a lot of factors of victory depends on opponent coding skills, strategy and creativity, no matter what hero he plays.
My statistics and opinion as non-subscribed player with Anya as hero says following:
Nalfar - for the Cavern Survival. As mentioned above he can increase his health to huge numbers (up to 8+K HP if I’m not mistaken). Plus range of his lightning bolts is awesome - standing in the centre necromancers can spread it over almost the whole map. Then goes assassin with his damage and abilities. Stalwarts can be hard to beat (if he has much health + good tactics).
Trappers - for Dueling Grounds. With high speed of shots and damage + healing ability + stuff like sparkbomb and other grenades. Senick shares the first place with Ritic (high speed damage + abilities) and Nalfar (abilities+allies like burls and skeletons).
Haven’t much experience in Multiplayer Treasure Grove but looks like any character with high speed is good enough.
I played Harrowland loooong time ago so have not much to say… I think Okar have good chances, Nalfar and Ritic too are good.
Looks like Illia stands a little aside as far as not many players play she. So I almost have no statistics. Illia looks promising)
Again, this is too generalized picture. Going back to strategy and creativity - in Cavern Survival I can’t beat JoelFPotgieter who use Pender - not so popular and strong char for this map. So survivorship bias may take place in my thoughts or/and the whole situation. (F.e. hmm3hero is very good in Dueling Grounds and plays with knight and duelist).


okar is op with speed ring and SOTTG and best armor in 1v1 (A.K.A dueling grounds)

Thanks, maybe I’ll just think about ways to combat these strategies because I’m a non subscriber.

I said it in other topic and still stick to this thought.
Imho, of course)

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I think pender or zana woodlief is good for treasure grounds.