Why use rangers and wizards?

Why would anyone use a ranger or wizard? They have less health and do less damage. Thank you

They’re usually faster, they get to attack from range, they get offhand weapons that do additional attacks or spells–a lot more strategic potential. In most cases, a wizard with the right spells ends up being the most powerful if you can customize your strategy to the level you’re playing.

Playing other characters lets you use a lot of different strategies. I played warrior for a good bit of the game, then switched to a ranged class and personally feel that it is way more powerful. I bought the highest damaging ranged weapon available, and it fires so fast and 1 shots everything that has like less than 140hp, but it fires so fast!

Also some of the ranged throw items do insane damage!

I recently noticed I wasn’t equipping a weapon on my warrior, just the building tools, since it was typically summoned troops dealing out close up damage. Then I bought a wizard.