Should I stick with the warrior hero?

Hi i’m getting to the last levels of Svrans desert (Mad maxer) t be accurate and I’m facing the decision to spend my gems on more goodies for my warrior (850 health and basic sword) or go for a ranger or mage.
I’ve been reading a lot on the foros and it seems as though without the master sword it gets difficult with the warrior around this point. Any advice from those who’ve made it further would be gratefully appreciated :smile:

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Well, it depends on a lot of things. For now at least, best class is by far Sorcerer I would say. During the mountain campain, you’ll get BossStars (1,2 and 3 so far) which allow you to summon units. It’s ok on their own, but combined with GoldenStaff you’ll be able to summon a GoldStorm with plenty of gold coins falling from the sky. It improves a lot your tanking and dps ability with soldiers and archers. Also the GoldStorm combines pretty well with ResetCooldown of Pender SpellBane. Maybe later Warriors and Rangers will get gold-generating items, but until then I don’t they will be ever as good as Pender.

Also, Mages have plenty of spells which are fun to play around with.

So, yea : If you can change from warrior to Mage, I’d say go for it. However, be careful, coding as a mage could become much more complex. It’s fun, but beware of the increase of difficulty. They are expensive also.

I suggest to keep going in the campain as a warrior until the Dance-off level that unlocks Pender (6th level in the mountain), and spend 3.4 k gold to buy her and spend 6.5k on the new VineStaff (10k gems total). The free Burls (reset cooldown for 2 burls) and the high damage of Pender will allow to you be relevant even without armor for a while, and only after buy armor.

Warriors are fine still, but I’m having more fun with mages, as they have more options. Here is the warrior on my wife’s account. Pretty powerful. No problem at all to finish the campain. Sword : 4.8k gold, shield : 4.2k gold, ring of Speed 4.2k gold. No armor yet. The lack of aoe is compensated with a very high swing rate (4 swings a second, that OS every low level targets). Even fun to play with, and many levels don’t even depends on your hero at all actually.

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I would suggest the Vine Staff only after getting a good high-level spellbook or two. And if you’re short on gems, Hushbaum and some of the lower-level weapons and spellbooks can still be pretty awesome in the right hands.