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Zero sum - extremely slow simulation


@Nick, do you have any idea, why that could happen? Just 4 games in 6 hours.


My understanding is that:

The most recent person to submit gets the greedy lion’s share of the simulations, so if someone submitted right after you…

Other than that???


I have no clue about CodeCombats distribution of simulations but do you contribute with your simulations?

I have 3 tabs running and was blessed with more simulations than you did, but again, no idea if that has any influence on the actual distribution.


Their is a post concerning simulations here


@overmrrw, Yes, I do contribute, I have 3-4 tabs running all the time.


The problem is probably here:

We don’t have a great way to index LevelSessions for random selection quickly, so we pick a random date (slightly weighted towards now) in between the first submission and now, and then get the session submitted right before that date. If someone else submitted their code one second after yours, you would have a tiny share of the random simulation pie. And it looks like the normal chained simulation logic isn’t giving you any games, either, for some reason.

One workaround for now is to just submit again; you should get a less dreadfully unlucky distribution next time.