A gear decision

I am going to get a memebership soon and since I can do the level minesweeper, which unlocks Omarn Brewstone, the character I really want, I have a question. Which should I get first? The Unholy tome V or the griffin wool hat/robe?

Unholy tome V. Reason it is good.

The Unholy Tome V gives you many offensive spells you can use. On the other hand, the Griffin Set give you more health so you can survive longer. I would suggest upgrading armor first, and weapons and spells later.

Ok thanks guys I have made my decision.

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Right now I use steel wand, embroidered griffin hat, thin burlap robe (i am super cheap) and unholy tome I.

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So now should I get embroidered Griffin wool robe, Unholy tome V or Vine staff

Get the Embroidered Griffin Wool Robe. It will last you a long time, and give you more time to save up gems for better stuff.

It would probably be better to get the Golden Wand, but that’s just my opinion.

Please reply. I want to see other peoples opinions as I cant seem to make up my mind.

I suggest you use the Dr. Who (Tom Baker (the best, though David Tennant is a really close second)) method…

In my own words or iow paraphrasing:
“Flip a coin and if while it is spinning you hope that it lands on ____ or if when it lands you are disappointed it came up ______ then ignore the coin, as you just made up your mind…”

I did that and ended up with unholy tome winning

The unholy tome is pretty awesome, but of course, so is lots of health.

I know, Right? I have got to level 5 of kithgard and backwoods brawl and win almost all multiplayer matches in cavern survival!

what is your username in cavern survival? I’m nemoyatpeace.

I am Autri Likes Pirate101 (I really like that game)

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Also In cavern survival, I cant seem to keep my character from attacking the doors (even though I have the skeletal soliders fighting for me)

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@dwhittaker guess what I am spectating a fight in cavern survival that you are in!

Do you mean that Omarn is attacking the doors, or your skeletons? The skeletons just attack the nearest enemy, no way to keep them from hitting the doors.

Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it, you want to open the doors and take the enemy out anyway. My top code intentionally hunts the other down.

Omarn is attacking the doors. I am fine with the skeletons attacking the doors.

Thanks for the reminder, I hadn’t updated my code with the new boss star yet… Good-bye soldiers, hello griffin-riders!

Sorry, David Tennant will always win the contest, but Patrick Troughton and Tom Baker are tied for my favorite classic series doctors.