A question about automated installer on Windows

I got a new computer with Windows 8.1,and I want to run the automated installer.However,in this page I found two different version.

I felt strange and I check on Github,but its code showed that its version is 3.5.
Yup,Where did the 3.7 version come from?

You’re trying to set up to be a developer?

If you just want to “play” the game, you don’t need to install anything :slight_smile:

Yeah I just want to play the game offline.It’s so fun that I could’t stop.
But I have some trouble on it.The network here can’t download the 3.7 version.
I wonder if there’s some differences between 3.5 and 3.7 :smile:

Thanks; I updated the link to the 3.7 version. 3.5 doesn’t work.

Would you please upload the file to Mega?DropBox doesn’t work in China.
BTW,can I edit the code and publish in China?Some links don’t work in China though they’re working well in other country.I want to change its links so that the installer can work.

Can you get it with a proxy? Not sure if I have time to set up Mega and find China-friendly mirrors for everything right now, although I’d happily link to any that others want to set up from the GitHub wiki.

Not yet.The government had banned most of free proxys some days before.Too bad,right?
I am so pleased about building a China-friendly mirror.But I’m afraid the cost may be much.
Thanks for the team and subscribers!


I would to play code combat offline because I will go to place without internet. Can you send me the link I should download ad also the “how to” install it please. I downloaded the codecombat master but I don’t understand anything.

Thank you for your precious help