[Adventurer] The Wrath of the Lava King


@kaiduck i disabled boss star. and i allowed you to command catapults.
You can also use attack, attackPos, and some other stuff.
The level is pretty hard. I need to figure out how do the vector stuff work and such
Thoktar is on one health. so any splash damage from missiles from catapults will kill him. If you can manage to splash damage him. (he moves pretty fast. 25m/s is kinda fast, don’t you think…?)
Also, Thoktar does infinite damage. Which was why i debuffed his health.
Basically, Thoktar is just another enemy that can kill your catapults. your catapults are pretty much your only chance of survival (your hero can’t do nothing against those robot walkers. Their batteries eventually run out of charge, but it’s not like your hero can circle the robot walker and attack…)
Heroes that have low HP is not recommended for this level… unless you have a good code for dodging all those missles.
I’m going to make a new level later on. A harder version of the apocalypse. :smiley:


Submit patches to the level if you feel like there are some things that need to be changed. I’ll look and decide whether or not to implement the changes


Also, the catapults. You can use those, too. Plus, only Thoktar can attack them, because the other enemies can’t see through walls.


The artillery and enemy catapults can get them too.
tbh the survival of your hero is greater than that of the catapults. Because usually, your hero dies before the catapults die.
I think I’ll leave the troops except for those 3 types to be unable to see through walls, so they will target the hero and make the level easier.


@SuperSmacker I still can’t play the level. Here is the screenshot:

It just stays there forever and doesn’t load.


interesting… For me it works perfectly… It takes some time for the thing to load, but it loads.


This level is impossible to beat.


Well, then it can’t be released. Every level requires a solution, even if it is crazy long.


I was close to beating it. Use the find missiles functions to dodge the missiles.


Also, I can’t see what it tells me to do, because it is overlapping. angry face




He made it like that.


angry face. WHY, Supersmacker?


What, do you want him to have like 2000 health? (i think that’s how much health he had before I changed it)


no, it was 1000. (20)


Nope, you disappoint me. You said in the thing that you have to click start that Thoktar has 1 health and infinite damage. So why is it 600?


I don’t remember. I have no idea. The level disappeared somehow.

Wait. It’s not showing up on my level editor menu but I can access it using direct link. interesting.


Changed it back to 1. I have no idea why I changed it to 600.


By the way how do you change a goal from protecting all of the listed thangs to only a certain number of them


ask @Catsync about that. She would probably know.