Backwoods Treasure - how many times can I win?


how many times can we beat this level? (and the others in this type).
I’ve already won 4 times here, 5 in Backwoods Brawl and I feel I got stuck.
No more ideas how to do it better :confused:
Does it somehow count, unblock sth, if we win enough many times?

Also, if there is a limit I will try harder because it means it is possible to win one more time :wink:

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Some of these levels will require better gear and complicated code to advance beyond the 5 or 6 trial. And in some cases a different avatar.

It looks like @blackvig holds the record at beating the level 49 times.

From what I understand you can keep beating the level as many times as you can (no limit) but it keeps getting more difficult, so it may become impossible based on gear limitations or hero limitations. These levels give replay value as you can go back after advancing to the Desert when you have better gear to try and beat it again.