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Balancing Feedback on Blazing Battle

i realised if you stack guard towers on guard towers it makes the guard stronger

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Yah it does because when you stack them they upgrade that is why I put two guard towers in the middle.

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also I think fire-walls should kill robobombs mine only get passed a fire-wall that has been upgraded 3 times

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They get stuck behind enemies and pass them. If there were only tobobombs, most of them would explode on impact of the firewall.

but a level 3 firewall deals 90 damage and a robobomb has 60 health

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We’ve done some bugfixes, should have made ties impossible, and will soon make some balance updates.

One question: have you ever seen the tower position indicators fail to load (gray circles instead of lava grates in the floor)?


Yes I have seen it in opponents code(I don’t use towers) have you seen it nick.

Haven’t had an issue with the gray circles for me. Might be client-related.

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I have it too so I think more people might have it

Also I get this glitch were the graphics start to break down and I see blurry graphics and red spots that come and go.

It probably depends on your computer’s performance. :man_shrugging:

No this is a 1 year old mac book air I think it is graphics for this level.

Maybe your not supposed to see it and only Staff Members can

I can see people like Chaboi. This is the link to chaboi’s profile:

I get page not found when I look myself up so unfiar

@xython each player has their own player ID which can be found by going into inspect and selecting the name. (Shown in purple box)

Then you’ll go to and you’ll find their profile page. (If it says forbidden it’s a student or teacher)

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Is there any way to control my towers?

They’re all stationary, so there’s really no point in “controlling” them. You can use onWave() event to change towers depending on enemy types, etc.

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Welcome back @Shininglice

When blazing battle is fully ready will you announce it?