Best ranger,wizard or warrior to afford with 43000 gems

im thinking ritic but maybee okar or nalfar idk pls help me

i feel like @Deadpool198 will say seinick but idk

It’s good to have all the last tier heroes + some other heroes that can be useful in Replayable levels, so you will get more money and more other heroes.

From personal experience
Best cost performance: Okar - Okar is just plenty strong with amazing damage, highest HP multiplier, and amazing abilities. His speed is terrible but can be managed using ring of speed. As a person who spent hours on Stranded in the Dunes trying to unlock Okar back in ‘16 I can assure you he is an amazing hero.
Best versatility: Illia - Nobody can argue against Illia being best for versatility. 16000 gems is cheap for a hero with decent damage and health stats and high movement speed. Additionally, her abilities are one of the most powerful available for warriors. Loses against Okar in a 1v1 duel, but much more high performing overall.

Best cost performance: Undoubtedly Senick. For only 1400 gems he has one of the best stats for a ranger, having both high HP and damage along with a healing ability. If you can’t get Ritic, get Senick.

Best performing: While being the most expensive hero, Ritic is definitely the most powerful. If you can spare enough gems to get Ritic along with top-tier ranger gear, he is the hero you want.

Best cost performance: Nalfar. Nalfar dominates arenas due to the sacrifice ability he owns, which can significantly boost his stats. While he does poorly without his abilities, his abilities make up for his 6300 gem cost.

Best performing: Usara has the highest damage multiplier and decent health and speed. Additionally, she comes with 4 powerful abilities that can significantly boost your combat. Most expensive wizard hero, but worth it.

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Best Hero is Usara Master Wizard
it need 21000 gem
and he skills can summon yeti robobomb and more u can read in codecombat

please try not to revive dead topics