Best Sword for Warrior

The runesword is good too

i have it (must be 20 chars)

The Runesword is good if you want to deal high damage to slow-moving ogres with high health, due to the high damage it deals per hit. However, because its attack rate is really slow (takes more than one second to deal one hit), it wouldn’t be good in a battle against a swarm of ogres.

Sword of the Temple Guard deals a lot of damage (about 50-ish) in a short amount of time (approximately four hits per second, so DPS is about 200 damage), so it is good for attacking a swarm and for taking down big ogres.

Sword of the Forgotten is slower than the Sword of the Temple Guard (about two hits per second) but has more hit points and DPS.

I personally find the Sword of the Temple Guard to be the best in general, but it really depends on your battle tactics and the environment.


yeah i have the sword of the forgotten

I have all three but I seldom use the Runesword. So far, I’ve only used the Sword of the Forgotten in Summit’s Gate, but that may change. I use the Sword of the Temple Guard for most levels.

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So I should use the sword of the forgotten? I am still on the mountain, but I found while browsing a cheat at

It depends on your goal and strategy. If you need to get past a bunch of ogres (like in a swarm), I’d recommend the Sword of the Temple Guard. If you’re fighting a bunch of big and slow ogres, use the Runesword. If you’re doing a combination of both, use the Sword of the Forgotten.

**Note: Just my recommendations.

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I’d use claymore or kithsteel blade

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