Beta Test "Solar Skirmish" Arena

I mean, those are meant to be the hard AIs.

Anyways, imagine if they win the AI league! I can see it now, the top three are just Platinum AI, Diamond AI, and JustALuke.

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oh yea i though thaat silver and bronze where third and fifth but i was wrong. veneth is making the A.Is so he get all the money XD he’s gonna get the scholarship and all the prizes. they need to add a A.I age bracket. (this is all a joke if you can’t tell except for the first sentance)

This arena is kinda like Lava Lake

Fixed the shape fill algorithm not filling back shapes that are surrounded by colors if the player is far away from the cell

Could you reword that? I can’t understand the new “hack” you just wrote.

Basically the shape fill should work properly now (previously you can still override the solar panels inside of a filled shape without doing it from the outline, but it should now not do that)

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@Venneth there is an issue where I write “17.5” and it interprets it as 18
this is EXTREMELY annoying

It is actually supposed to work like that, since the movement is restricted to be on the center of cells, but I can see from your screenshot it looks like the turtle might be able to reach one more cell before collapsing to the border, I might increase the border size a little to allow for that one more cell squeeze, or put a clear indication that that is the border of the game

How do you avoid the walls?

nvm I figured it out

Oh, ok, got it :joy:20chars


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better watch out!


Is this the next arena

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yep (27894249875298750 chars)

Oh. I better $tart w0rk1ng 0n 1t


from a few minutes of coding

:sob: :sob:

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