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Browser freezes/crashes at the "Choose Hero" page


When playing a level, and choosing a Hero, my browser(Firefox) crashes/freezes. If it freezes, the browser becomes grey-coloured and stops for a minute or two. It then resumes, and if I don’t choose a hero at that small moment, it again either freezes or crashes.

I am on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and in my opinion, my laptop isn’t very choppy.


You’re probably exceeding your memory. Our old umbuntu computers will grey out sometimes when accessing the site (the old widows one just crashed firefox regularly)


How much RAM does your laptop have? Can you check the memory monitor while it is trying to do this?


How do I check that?


Yeah when I was playing on Ubuntu(The reason is a long story I do not want to get into) a lot of the time I have trouble accessing the site but I did this on 6 gigs of ram so it should not a problem unless you are running a ton on programs in the background(Ex. a heavy video game )


You can find the info about your system in about about this computer option on the menu in the top right. To see what the computer is doing use search for the app system monitor

The computer I had grey out has 1.8 GiB of memory and no graphics card. Running only Code Combat and the system monitor it went up to about 90% of total memory used and greyed out several times. My processing speed was usually fine (it maxed out once, but otherwise stayed at about 20% - 30% on all cores) I can do most of the levels, but ones with a lot of sprites (such as the flower grove levels) I have to use my home computer.