Can I Get Gems to Buy Usara?

I am thinking of obtaining gems to buy Usara because I am now getting onto the more difficult levels in the Glacier and I was just revisiting her abilities. I can clearly see that Robobombs and magnet fields would be very useful, but I only have 5627 :gem: :

meaning that it would be ages until I reach 21000 :gem:. Is it possible to get enough gems for this?

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Well, you could simulate games, but you would still earn gems pretty slowly, but that’s the only thing I can think of lol.

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do you have nalfar? because you could cheese sacred statue for profits wonderful profits

Try to solve replayable levels.

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Complete a lot of levels = A lot of gems.

I know some levels are too hard than other etc., but i think is the only way to get a lot of gems.

Obviously with my first subscription I had some gems to spend them on objects and other think.