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Can You Give A Share A Subscription With Another Family Member?

So my mom plays CodeCombat too because she a programmer. So she’s almost finished with Kithguard and wants to continue I’m wondering if we can share the same payment? So can we?
@Chaboi_3000 @J_F_B_M @Deadpool198 @MunkeyShynes @stephanie

@Greg_Heffley – Currently, there is no way to track progress for more than one user on a single account. You would need to create an account for yourself to keep your own progress separate. Also, memberships are per account so you would need your own one. Just let us know if you have anymore questions!

i dont think so, sry bro, but you can use this as ur advantage because if you have a subscription you can get better armor like obsidion and also get 3000 gems every month! BEAT HER IN MULTIPLAYER ARENA!!!

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