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Messages asking parental permission



I am thinking of using this in a college class. But they’re going to roll their eyes when those popups inviting them to send email to their parents or ask parental permission to do X. Is there a way I can disable these requests?


What is the difference between the age levels?

Not directly related, but CodeCombat has a special offer for teacher subscriptions. I’m not a teacher myself, but you might want to look into that. You can find it here.

You can get cheaper subscriptions for your students and monitor their progress (apparently, according to that site). This would also get those “ask-your-parents”-popups out of the way, as they are there to promote the subscription.

I poked Nick about it, expect an answer soon-ish.


If the students sign up before level 4 and answer any of the 18+ choices on the “How Old Are You” poll, it shouldn’t ask them to share their progress with a parent when they finish level 4.

If they try to play a premium level and don’t have a paid group subscription to do so, there is that subscribe-now popup which does have the parent/teacher popovers they can hover, but hopefully that one is less obtrusive.