Dad jokes contest

I got no DM’s! Surprise you @TheCodingCrusader22

Dude, you need to stop @ people. @ people is only when you seriously need them for something. If you reply to their post or quote them, they’ll get a notification. That’s fine, but @ someone is more serious than that. That’s why nobody liked it when you spammed @'s earlier.

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When thump gets mad she must be really mad cuz she does not post angry posts that often usually she is pretty chill so plsssss stop

As I prob once said it doesn’t matter if you got what you expected from annoying people what matters is you did ping when you knew it would annoy some

That wasn’t necessarily being mad. I was stressing extra what we already said :grin:

Anyways, now that we’ve established the rules, let’s get back on topic.

Sorry I will not ping people unless needed. Thanks for the correction

next time, ping me pls.

Singing in the shower is always fun until you get soap into your mouth.

Then it becomes a soap opera!