Dad jokes contest

Nothing inappropriate just clean funny dad jokes! I will pick the best joke and that person will win the contest please do not copy anyone.

How do celebrities stay cool? They have a lot of fans!


Is there a reward? Like any

How would there be a reward

What reward ideas do you have @Arthur_U? I don’t know any rewards to give on discourse other then bragging rights!

just give whoever wins a like thats all you can do

Okay let the contest start.!

@enPointe77, @PeterPalov, @phoenixRider2022, @ZAX155, @Deadpool198, @Falcons118, @JustALuke, @Lydia_Song, do you have any jokes?(let me know in a DM if you do not want me to ping you ever again)

doooo not dooo that people get suuppeeeerrr maaaaddd

your dms will be very full

Don’t just go pinging other people :skull:


What is the difference between dad jokes and puns?

“Dad, I got suspended from school”
"I am disappointed. "
“Hi disappointed, I am son”


Common one! Pretty good tbh

I’m afraid for the calendar. Its days are numbered.

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So far we have two contesters other then me!

Ummm guys… there is already a joke tournament contest topic…

This is a Dad jokes contest! Have any?

Dad jokes = jokes lol

No they are definitely different.