Directional arrows on the campaigns for the new Web and Game dev

For some reason I can’t seem to navigate using the directional arrows on the campaign maps.

These work:
Dungeon -> Web Dev 1 -> Dungeon
Dungeon -> Game Dev 1 -> Dungeon
Forest -> Game Dev 1 -> Dungeon

These paths don’t seem to work:
Dungeon -> Web Dev 1-> Forest
Dungeon -> Game Dev 1 -> Forest
Forest -> Game Dev 1-> Dungeon -> Forest
Forest -> Game Dev 1-> Forest
Forest -> Web Dev 1 -> Forest
Forest -> Web Dev 1 -> Dungeon

It seems like when I go to the forest it some how makes things stop working eventually.

I was using the Safari web browser, but I have tried FireFox briefly as well and the following path doesn’t work in FireFox
Forest -> Game Dev -> Forest (seemed to work but then I did )
Forest -> Web Dev -> Forest (which failed)

I have to click on the “Globe” campaign icon to get back to being able to visit the different campaign worlds.