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Discrepancy between health potion sprite and health restored


On Kithgard Brawl the health potion sprite is shown to be a large, which is deceptive because a large health potion heals for 1000 according to Thang Editor, but this potion only restores 350, i.e., the amount given by a medium potion.
More info:
My current brawl # - 7
Browser - Chrome
Screenshot -

On a related note, I have noticed that the gems delivered by this brawl aren’t accurately displayed by the scoreboard after finishing; in the more recent ones I finished I “earned” 500+ gems, but got >200. I know that’s for a different topic, but just wanted to make sure you guys were aware of it.


Thangs are configurable, so if you go into the level editor for Kithgard Brawl, find “Template Health Potion Large”, double click on it, you will see that it’s been set for 350 health. It’s not so much deceptive IMO, as the health potions would be best configurable in each individual level rather relying on some defaults.

As for the gems received, it’s kind of a UI issue; the “500+” gems displayed is most likely the cummulative total; though it should have been fixed in 96e6e0d?


Ah I didn’t know about the level editor. That makes sense.

As for the gems, I think I’ve still had the issue after the update, but I’ll wait to see if it happens again.