How to battle a certain person

how do I battle a certain person

What do you mean? Who do you want to battle? You can join in a clan with that person and battle them in the clan’s ladder. Or you can battle them in the normal ladder if they are high enough.


like in the dueling grounds

Well, you would click “Fight!” on one persons names next to them or in a clan, you would select where you wanna fight and then click the person you want to fight.


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If you want to, here is my clan. My In-game username is “Mumbo5”


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hey can you show a picture where I would do that so I know where to click

Once its loaded this shows up. The remove hero button is only there, because I am the chieftain of this clan. You have to join to do this.

Do you see on the side all the Multiplayer arenas? Its the one with Dueling grounds etc. For here I will pick “Dueling Grounds”.
You click on your arena and this will show up:

You then click here (or on whatever person you want):
Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 21.07.19
Click on the “Fight!” button and you will be thrown into the battle.


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You need to know the nickname, if you didn’t fight this person before. F.e. Alexbrand. In the list of players on the first tab “Ladder” you can use Ctrl+F (windows) or Cmd+f (mac os) to find this player by nickname and click “Fight!” button. There is button “More” on the right corner under the list to expand the list. But if the player is out of the first top-100 or 200, it would be quite hard (or long time taking) to find him.
If you fight with someone and want to keep possibility to replay battle in the future, you can copy his id from the url in the address bar.
F.e. my id for blue team in dueling grounds is 56713c1053bb731f00dfd1e9. So you need to add this to url: ( [+] (56713c1053bb731f00dfd1e9) . It should look like
Hope this helps.
Good luck for all the way and happy coding)


My list organization looks like this


thanks and also love your clan @Mumbo_6

No problem! Anytime!


Btw are you Queen_bee17?


no I am INKLINGX9 (20000)

hey what does BTW mean

Btw is a slang for By The Way.

ok thanks because I would see BTW and be like what does that mean

It means to incidentally introduce a different topic.

BTW have you guys seen the Nyan cat and TAC NAYN

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i do gotta say i love the name for the clan (#Mumbo for mayor anyone?)

Hi, I also like the name too :grinning:

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