Help With Fixed Heroes for Levels

Hi, I am working on Flaming Mountains.
I want the player to be a senick with top tier gear.
So I put in a trapper, put in the plans, did the inventory, set the name to hero placeholder, put in the plans, hi, diddle diddle dee dee.
So anyways, I think I did all the requrements.
But when I play, I get Omarn.
I was a subscriber, and omarn was my hero.
How do I make people get senick in my game?
Editor here.


You know, in the one wizard, you get hushbaum, and some gear.
I would love to do the same thing for my level, but with senick

I think you have to change “assessment” to open-ended and kind to “challenge”.

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Where is assessment?
It just says true or false.
Its only true or false!!!

Try pressing space or enter while selecting the “assessment”

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Okay!!! Let me test! :smiley: @Chaboi_3000

You are the best.