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Help with simulating ladder Pls

It is taking forever (1 wk now) is something wrong? Pls help

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Please give more information about your issue and the level. If it is a code related issue, please post it according to the rules of this forum. A link to the level and the world it is in would be nice…

You can exploit that issue by changing the volume in the map, saving account settings, or completing a new level. IMO Firefox works the best.


so i have simulated 263 games and i have no more gems than before

i want more gems because i am stuck on clash of clones. need emporers gloves

is it bad to create this topic coz there are more topics on this that (maybe) i should have replied on another created with same problems

You don’t really need emperor’s gloves for that level. All that really matters is skill.(And maybe equipment).

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it does say it is easier but i have tried differant variations for the code and it didnt work, my hero kept on dying

Go behind the enemy archers and kill them that’s really all u need to do

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