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Random Game-Generated Theory?


So I was thinking about this random theory. Here you have the Precision Rifle, which supposedly shot out Death’s left eye.

Now you have Ritic the Cold. His left eye definitely looks like someone blasted it out, since only his right eye remains intact.


Ritic the Cold is Death.

"Ritic = Death" Theory (feel free to add your own ideas!)
Nalfar theory- The Dark Imperium

:rofl: Good one! He actually is death, with his blink and phase-shift (turns invisible… sure is scary and handy ability of Mr. death XD)

Nice catch! @Hellenar


is this possible?


wth?! @Ironhead you are a glitching master


It was most likely edited using the Chrome dev tools.


nice catch :100:.

Ritic could definitely be Death. I guess as more heroes are unveiled, CodeCombat’s story will evolve. Posting a mystery about Omarn (potion master) and Pender (also a wizard) very soon!



what is Chrome dev tools?


Inspect.(20 characters)