I can't access level six

I’m not in Brazil Nor China, i’m in new york but i can’t access level 6.

What’s the level name?

Could you post a screenshot.

Post a screen shot or formate your code so we could help you with the level.

@Chaboi_3000, can you contact some of the contributers? I don’t really know who to contact.

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Do you mean level as in level on the map or your user level?

This is a serious bug, are you sure that you haven’t completed any of the other levels? Here, the manual link for the 6th level is, Link

Contact @maka about this bug.

you know, I think they ARE in vacation.

I think they would only be on vacation during christmas or something like that :slight_smile:

They’re waiting until someone snaps, I think.

Hi guys,

We’re just too busy to check the site every day. Using @maka does make it show up in my email, and then I check as soon as I have some time.

@Zaion_Guimaraes - I need more information in order to help you. When you say level 6, do you mean The Raised Sword or do you mean Fire Dancing or do you mean something else entirely?

When you say you can’t access it, do you mean it starts but gets an error, you can’t click on it at all, it won’t let you click play when you click on it? Something else entirely?

Are you a subscriber? If you are, all the levels should be available. If you are not, then only those with a red or purple dot will be available (red = free, purple = in testing).

I’d need your CodeCombat username to review your account – you should email it to team@codecombat.com – make sure to include information so I know what you need.

Help us help you – give us as much information as possible so we can assist you.