I dont get money by simulating

Guys if you guys have a probleme with simulating i suggest you start with this topic

That’s the total accumulated gems from simulating. Not how much you get per “achievement popup”.

True…i think theres another topic about it but i cant find it :laughing:.I think its the topic @nick posted

it reset all of my simulated games back to 36 why is that @Chaboi_3000 or @nick

Hmm strange. Might be because we’re currently revamping the ladders. I’ll ask Nick.

I dont know about it :man_shrugging: my simulated games didnt get lower(Maybye because i dont pay attention for the simulated game :sweat_smile: )

when do i get the gems for simulating? Now i have simulated this much but i have not gotten the gems.

@phantomofthedark2 you’ll get gems every 5 times you update your profile or complete a level.

how do i update (20)

This is how I think.

i still dont get the gems :sleepy: :sleepy:

i heard that the quickest way is too flick the sound button image

I klicked it 20 times but i dont get the gems. i have simulated 172,662 games

Once, i got my gems 2 weeks after (gotta be patient)

I clicked the :sound: button 2 months ago and nothin happens

(i did not simulate alot of games lol)
this was a year ago then i simulated 2k more, but i still havent got them like i said gotta be patient


You get gems when you’ve simulated a certain amount.

like what number?