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[Idea] Mage Items

I still beat you. (20)

Actually Nick might do this… He could use Illia.

Wait, I have the helpful user title? That’s sick!
Edit: I don’t, but I thought I did.

Why is this at 3:44 AM, is this time zone weirdness, or are you an extremely early riser, Nick?

What is the “Old coco repo”? is this some kind of computer slang?
edit: does it mean the Old CodeCombat repository? Just a guess.

On my screen it says that you’re blue strategy uses Ritic? Have you changed it since then?
Oh and do you think you could give me the data-item-id of Boss star five? Because I really want to try and hack it.Obviously you don’t have to, just asking because I can’t find it on the thang list. ( the data-item-id not the Boss star. I might not be able to anyway but I want to try.

That’s my red strategy. Blue strategy with Tharin fell out of top 20, but you can currently play against it here:

It was both timezone weirdness and me being an extremely early riser.

No, don’t hack it to use the Boss Star V!

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I still beat you with naria @nick :smile: (BTW how do you build a decoy and attack me. Is that an item that hasn’t been released yet?)

He uses a peasant to summon the decoy. Extremely clever tactic, I rate that. :ok_hand:

Fair enough, that was a bit of a silly question, I kind of knew the answer already. :unamused: :grin:

Like Illadan said: “Who address me?” ))
Actually, Alexbrand is Alexbrand)) And yes, I’m not a subscriber.
As for 1st place at cavern survival ladder…

  1. I’m not a good programmer, but sometimes I have good ideas about tactics. And sometimes those even work)
  2. As far as I’m not a subscriber (and not a good programmer :slight_smile: ), my hero is quite weak, so other multiplayer levels give no chance to get on the top (at least for me now). Well, I’ll make some tries at treasure grove soon maybe, but not sure would it work…
  3. There is no sense in thinking abobut #1, cause it’s just measure, a mark, label, that indikates combination of your code skills + tactics. With good combination (and simulating games) you can get #1 for about 30 minutes.

As for nick - I think he can beat most of other players with common eqiupment and Tharin or Ania. Everyone who seen nick dodging razor blades video - do understand)

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that was pretty cool.

Can someone send a link to it?

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