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Ideas for New Weapons

yes you are the best artist

Thank you, thank you. I haven’t drawn any weapons in a while, but I’m planning to draw something soon. I want to do it traditionally, rather than digitally.
Any requests?
I’ll also make a poll:

  • Sword
  • Axe
  • Spear/javelin
  • Dagger
  • Bash Shield
  • Gloves
  • Rings
  • Crossbow/bow
  • Rifle
  • Bomb
  • Tombe
  • Other

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maybe a ring that makes a sword then turns into an axe then throwing it becomes a spear/javelin
holding it like a dagger makes it a dagger and holding it like a shield turns makes it turn into a bash shield
and wearing it makes it a glove and shooting it like a crossbow/bow and holding it like a rifle turns it into a rifle and pulling a plug makes it a bomb and (what is a tombe) and saying other turns it into whatever you want

wow that took a long time to write

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hmm seems like it will be too hard for the devs to make but its just an idea so ok

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Thought of a cool idea:
Barbed Sword: Base damage 12, but when using cleave ability deals double damage, the recharge is moderately fast, obtained in the level in sarven desert called “Kithgaurd Enchanter”


i spent 4 years getting a runesword for nothing lol


An ice dragon’s bone was forever frozen in the ice, until a hero stole it and made it into death.
Ice dragon saber
Cost: 3200 gems
Damage: 126
Abilities: Targets hit are stunned, and flying enemies fall and die.
credits to that guy in the photo for the photo


free? nah how about 2600 gems

no i meant like not just for subs
you can see i put a price

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whats this then?

im out of replies noooooooooo

yes i got a little confused

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I feel like there is a lack in diversity in armor, so i made my own : P
Fractal Helm:
Makes your noggin shiny.
Cost: 2300 :gem:
Health +150
Ability: You cannot take damage from any magic attacks, and they are bounced back to your enemy.

Fractal Chestplate:
I guess wizard puzzle levels become 100 times easier, you don’t do the puzzle part.
Cost: 3000 :gem:
Health +300
Ability: You are invincible for 1 melee or ranged attack & you can never take damage from any magic attacks, and they are bounced back to your enemy.



The magic part should be nerfed, else wizards are just useless.


ya mabye 2 or 3 hits deflected
but i mean its a good counter for non subs against subs in multiplayer arenas

Eh, I think the main counter to subs is and always should be, good code but I like the bounce idea to nerf rictic.


really cool idea, @Ashmit_Singh ! but yes, magic attacks do need to work. Maybe if you make it a method with a longish cooldown, and get some kind of glasses to be able to see a magic attack of some kind (kinda like findEnemyMissiles), you would have to time it perfectly, and that would take some code. OR, maybe it only blocks a specific kind of magic spell. or, yeah, have an automatic use and cool down so it’s just the armor and you don’t have to control it.

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did you draw this? if not please do give credit to where you found this

google i just searched “crystal crown” and crystal chestplate

hmm i think it should work that way, and maybe the code code should need exact timing to deflect, or based on real life, you need to be facing the enemy directly and have him as a locked target, which wouldn’t be as op, as the only magic ive seen so far are witch ogres, which to be honest are more of a nuisance than challenge