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Ideas for New Weapons

Um I think the hammer should cost more. at least 6600. I mean, it is maybe OP

Talk about damage is low.
its 1!

Maybe a sword that can cleave with higher DPS.
Damage: 75
DPS: 150
Cleave Damage: 35
Cleave Range: 10-15 meters

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Also a sword with a really high knockback.
Damage: 30
DPS(if target will stay still):120
knockback:50 meters
strikes an enemy with 100 damage. knockback 40 meters
hero.attack(enemy):does the amount of damage the sword has.

That would be too op, since that would mean it could do to 4 hits per seconds while yeeting enemies across the map

there is already the temple sword and the sword of the forgotten

Hi all how about
burning katana
DPS: 156.23
Damage: 50
Special abilities: Hero.fireSmash()
Does 500 damage for enemies in less than 10 meters diameter
Cooldown: 10secs
sorry if i revived dead topic

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Credit to the internet

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I think New gloves would be cool sooo…

Blast Gauntlets
Desc: Forged from the magic of Usara, these gloves radiate energy and are useful againt hordes of ogres!
Powers: Does 200 dmg to enemies in 30 meter radius
Cost: 4200
Code: Hero.Blast()
Has to regen like the Emperor’s gloves or the “Cleave” ability
Similar to Black Panther’s suit

Ring of Power
Desc: Nobody knows where this ring came from. Found in the ruins of the Sarven Desert, this ring holds unbelievable power.
Powers: Multiplies health by 1.75, multiplies damage by 2, and multiplies speed by 1.75
Cost: 13000
This is super op so it’s gonna be expensive.
Code: Hero.PowerRing()
One time use every level.
Could add a time limit so it’ll only last like 10 - 20 seconds

change cost 9000 to 13000

that’s rly expensive but ig it’s op

yup because take okar, for example, he has 5006 health when he has the best armour with this he would get around 75000hp or even more and his speed would be like 15 and his damage? don’t even ask about his damage he could do a literal 400 dm per second if you were using the temple guard sword

how’d 5000 become 75k? it’s only multiplies by 1.75

What? Is your math off. How does 5006 multiply by 1.75 = 70 thousand? In a calculator the number is 8760.5

It does make 8760.5 which is 8760 and a half. Now you see?

looks like google aint up to date

also, speed only multiplies by 1.75 aswell so it wouldn’t be 15

so, its too OP, but I want to point out, since it has a giant knockback, it would mean hitting it 1 time before chasing the enemy like crazy.

new weapon:
description: justs a giant 10 foot high snowball
attackDamage: 10
cooldown: 20 sec
abilities: hero.ThrowBall(snowball) Desription of attack: slows down enemies by -2 per sec.
cost: 4000

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