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Ideas for New Weapons

Even though I have boots with wings, I can’t fly because my armor is too heavy for that. :frowning: Anyway, morning’s edge is pretty fast.

Do you have morning’s edge? I can’t remember what it came from. Was it a timed one like Wyvernclaw?

what’s a timed weapon?

so boot wings works with weight?

It’s one which was released in a specific level for a limited time.
(Wyverclaw, Master sword…)

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oh like the master sword

what did the summon fangrider do ? did it summon a fangrider that was on your team

Ya (20 characters yay)


maybe another timed weapon will come

I hope so. Maybe it could be a Spear like guy_oy said.

how come they dont have challenge levels for the other worlds

I’ve drawn some spears, as @guy_oy suggested:

They were quite suited to being different levels, from very basic, to Gift of the Trees level.
From left to right:

Simple Spear:
Cost: unlocked at the same time as simple sword, in the same level, so in the next levels you can chose between them.
Damage: 8
DPS: 8
Range: 6m
Special Ability/ies: None

Birch Spear:
Cost: 340 :gem:
Damage: 13
DPS: 28
Range: 7m
Special Ability/ies: hero.throw(): range 22m, damage 56, cooldown 8 sec.

Sharpened Steel spear:
Cost: 1230 :gem:
Damage: 30
DPS: 59
Range: 9m
Special Ability/ies: hero.throw(): range: 35m, damage 86, cooldown 7 sec.

Elvish Oak Spear:
Cost: 3500 :gem:
Damage: 60
DPS: 157
Range: 12m
Special Ability/ies: hero.throw(target), range: 75m, damage 130, cooldown 7 sec.
and: hero.regenerate(target), range: 25m, heals for 5 seconds, replenishing 25 health on any target each second. Cooldown: 8 sec.

These would be equipable only by Warriors in the place of a sword/hammer.
I think their reduced damage and speed would be made up for by their long range and .throw() ability.
What do you think?


spoiler for my thoughts

great! I like them.

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the elvish oak spear even has the same style as gift of the trees :smiley:

wow those are really good @Deadpool198

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maybe you could have like chances of hiting the target?

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I have a new weapon: a Roman Gladius:

It’s a fast mid range sword with a special ability;
Cost: 2200 :gem:
Damage: 40
DPS: 120
Special Abilities: hero.rally() - affects all allies (including the hero) in a 10m radius: heals for 30, increases speed by 1.5x, increases damage by 1.5x.
Cooldown: 12sec

I think it’s quite powerful, but not overly so. And t’s a mid range weapon (like edge of darkness) with an ability, which I think is needed.
Please give your feedback and more ideas. (thanks for your idea of having chances of hitting the target for the spears, I think that’s a good one @guy_oy)
P.S. I think it is a reasonably authentic Roman sword, because I did it from a reference picture of a model of one would’ve looked like.

Few balance suggestions:
Damage 40->55
DPS 120 -> 165
Cost 2200 -> 3400
Ability: Speed 1.5x->2x and Damage 1.5x->2x
Nice art and idea though. It’s a nice idea to make a powerful “warcry”-like ability.

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Thanks for the suggestions,
although now I feel like it’s less mid-range, I think we need more of those 1900-2500 cost swords. Maybe the price could be more like 2600? With some of the abilities increased.

I haven’t played this game at all, so I forgot what each weapon cost, but I think there was a spreadsheet for the game balance. I forgot. But I think we might actually want it nerf it instead of buff, and make the price 1.7k