Is hero level 37 possible (free to play)

Is it possible to get hero level 37 if you are free to play?

I have finished all possible levels.

Also I played this a long time ago and got the cougar for free. In my inventory it says that it is owned, but I can’t equip him. Why?

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The pets, however obtained, are restricted to subscribers only. If I remember right, you can also earn the raven and the blue fox by completing certain free levels.

I’ve a test character, dedtest, who is ftp and is at about lvl 36.5. He’s also completed all of the free levels in the main campaigns…however, I’ve not taken him thru the HOC, or other, campaigns yet. It might be possible, especially if you can get as far as you possibly can in the repeatables. Here’s a link to the topic with the HOC content:

Yes. I am free to play and I am level 37 (I have The Earthring)


If you mean heroes next to Alejandro all of tnem from Amara to Zana are for subs only.
About pets - idk, I have cougar too and can equip it (at least for the multyplayer levels) and saw a lot of non-subs using them too. Can you equip it for multyplayer level?

No. I just doesn’t show up. If I go look for the pet it just doesn’t show up in my inventory even though when I go to items it says owned. idk.

Yeah I figured that about the heros. But for pets i thought it would be different. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

How far did you get on all the replayable levels? Did you finish all the bonuses too?

I completed most of the bonuses and I am 5 or 6 in the replayable brawls

I don’t know if this is a glitch, but after you do the game-dev-hoc-2, where you equip a pet, the pet is then equipped in the actually game. So now I have a pet. Do you think it’s a glitch?

Think of it as a benefit for completing the campaign :wink:

Yes, I think it can technically be called a glitch, but the staff is aware of it and it still exists, doesn’t disrupt the overall game-play (learning), so I assume it’s a very minor one.

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