Is my armor good?

Yay a hundred+ posts in this topic

yay ayayayay im so happy!!!

you don’t have the best stuff

if you do you should have the precious

mine is here

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honestly if your talking armour than its the best you can have
if your talking speed then id advise softened leatherboots


Vary nice!

just get boots of leaping and saphire sense and mornings edge

this is my armor is it good enough

ok I will try boots and stone

the armour is good, just get mornings edge and boots of leeping and the saphire sense

then save for other heores

what is mornings edge

go through the swords. it’s blue

that is good just get mornings edge and your gear will be awesome

got it the sword mornings edge

great just save up for other heroes now

sould i get okar i have ritic