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Item icons not loading


I use codecombat on a wide variety of low end computers due to my job. Some can barely run it (our very very low end Chromebooks), and others do better (my cheap laptop) I have noticed that from time to time when I am loading levels, or worse, when I change heroes while in a level, the available items don’t always load their icons. They are still selectable, the icons just don’t show up.

This example is from the cheap laptop, which is:

Windows 8.1 (It burns!)
i5-3337u @ 1.8 GHz
64 bit system
Onboard terrible Intel HD Graphics 4000 adapter


Does the item icon eventually show up if you scroll the item list and wait? I know there is a bug where the icon won’t show up if you buy an item until you equip or unequip some other item, but this sounds like another problem.


Nope, it stays gone. If you click on the empty space it will show the item description, but still has a blank icon.


I tried to reproduce the bug again by trying to change heros in the middle of a level (that often gets me buggy) and I got this:

I can’t scroll or click any items, I can however close the frame and go back to the level. Willing to remote host if you want to try…


Do you ever see the problem on a faster computer? (I’m wondering if it has to do with the lower performance machines triggering race conditions in our code…)

Tracking a related problem here:


lol… I don’t have access to a “faster” computer. It seems to be less prevalent the better the computer is running, but that is a personal observation, not data.


I get that same view (items but invisible hero). It seems to happen when I click to quickly on “next” to get to the screen above. After clicking “Change Hero”, If I wait for the hero to load and start “acting out” :smile: before I click “next” I don’t seem to get the invisible hero.

Actually, I am having trouble getting this to happen today. (worked a day or to ago.)