Kithard Dungeon 35/36? Lost in the Stacks Locked

Why is this level locked? I completed everything right?

And on the main screen it says 35/39?

The missing level isn’t unlocked because you haven’t completed the bonus goal for one of the previous levels. I don’t know why they call them bonus goals when you NEED to do them to unlock certain levels, but there is another way.

You can go to this link and play it directly:

As for the 35/39 (actually, there are 49 levels), the remaining three levels are probably adventurer levels. If you really want to play them, you can either become an adventurer OR find a direct link to the maps you haven’t played yet. You can find the name of missing maps by going to: and comparing it to the regular map.

Is there a way to check which ones I don’t have all the bonus goals completed in?

Not that I know of, no. I wish there was.

Well that’s annoying. hopefully they add like a 3 start thing under the little icons so you can tell. Because I am not going back and clicking through them all to check haha. Thanks for those links though!

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It’s usually whichever map is near or before it. I hope they do that too, though.

If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about it until after you’ve completed all the other levels. Not being able to get to one or two here and there isn’t a huge deal, and the prizes for them usually aren’t worth much.

Would I be allowed to ask for help with the solution for The Last Kithmaze Level here?

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Okay. I will. Thanks.