Known Enemy requires crystals I don't have

Pretty much the very beginning of the game. The level Known Enemy requires Tarnished Bronze Breastplate to be equipped in order to start it. I do not possess the item nor the crystals to buy it with. Known Enemy is the only level currently available to play at the moment in game progression. So I cannot complete new levels to gain more crystals and neither can I gain crystals from replaying levels. I see no way to progress anywhere.

The item is not listed in the pinned topic: When do I get which Item - A reference

Why is this at all an issue in one of the first levels of this age-old supposedly-maintained game?
Why can’t the game just see I’ve no way to progress otherwise and at least give me the 50-crystal breastplate for my 46 crystals?
Why isn’t a REQUIRED item freely given out for crying out loud?!

Don’t come at me with manual solutions, like “here, have 4 crystals”. Fix the design flaw instead.
You had one job, what a dumpsterfire…!

Hi @Erquint, welcome to the CodeCombat discourse.
Please could you show me a screenshot of your equipment, when you’re trying to enter the level and of the Kithgard dungeon map.
I think it might be because you spent too much on other items, I didn’t come across this problem. Not saying that “justifies” it though.

First of all, because I’m not a staff member, I couldn’t give you gems even if I wanted to. Secondly I think you should calm down a bit, it’s not my fault and I promise you the problem will be resolved.
Thank you

There are the screenshots.

I wasn’t addressing you in particular.
This design flaw is obviously on behalf of the developers/maintainers.
I’m really not here for “my” problem to be solved, only to see there to be implemented a failsafe workaround for this dubious requirement or best would be to just not ever require a paid item in a game with no grinding permitted. It’s a terrible awful design practice.
(Survey rewards don’t count, you know that.)

As Deadpool mentioned, it looks like you’ve purchased some items you don’t yet need…the shield, glasses, helmet, for example. I recommend you restart your character and try again. You can Reset All Progress from the Settings menu…you get to that from the main map and the gear icon on the lower right.

For the record, the game just gave me the glasses. May have something to do with the fact that my account is about 6 years old.

Anyway, I was here mostly to test the game, since I wanted to recommend it to some people. So don’t worry about my personal experience. I’m just concerned for the game itself having a progression fault-state.