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My games in skyspan isn't simulated



I’ve returned to this game. When i had played in 2014 every my game was simulated almost in instant. However now i’ve upload new code and my games isn’t simulated at all.

I’ve read Multiplayer game not being simulated and tried to resubmit my code. But this didn’t help.

Anyone know how to solve this? Is this a bug?


Hey Navern,

We aren’t simulating extra games for the old (non-hero-and-item-based) multiplayer levels now, and I think there must be some problem with the default chained simulation queues where the matches aren’t being simulated, either, so you don’t get any games played. I would try to play some of the newer multiplayer arenas if you want to get back into it, as that’s where all the action is now. Here’s one you can do without unlocking any of the rest of the game: