Need better gear? Earn gems for simulating games


I’ve simulated roughly 1500 games and I still haven’t received the rewards for both the 500-game and the 1000-game mark. The last time I got an achievement was when I hit 257 games (the point where I started a 11up gem farm and got no rewards). I hit the sound button 30-40 times and enter the account settings tab every time I log in, but no gems coming. What’s happening?


Is it only me with “No games to simulate. Trying another game in 10 seconds.” message in multiplayer ladders simulate tabs?
Yesterday games simulating stopped at all for quite short period of time, and then it came back, but slowed down enormously. It was a huge amount of my hero games simulated per hour before and now it’s about 3 or 4. And this message is shown for minutes unlike before when simulate tab simulated games of other players every second. Is it bug or new feature?)


I’ve seen this happen before a couple of times. It usually goes back to normal in a day or two. Hopefully, that will be the case this time as well.


Oh, thanks a lot! I thought it was something about maintanance or something like that, when it stopped


We did disable them briefly as we saw an increase in usage and the simulations were contributing to server instability. We were focused on fixing it (which we have done now) – sorry we didn’t get a chance to let folks know.


I have simulated almost 6800 games in counting and I have tried everything you guys have said and have not gotten anything.


Not sure what you have tried but if the sound button isn’t working try completing some levels or giving it a couple days / trying both of these methods.