Need better gear? Earn gems for simulating games


I was going to just let simulations keep running on two other computers besides the one discussed in the post above (they do not have MBAE), but frankly over the past day or so it’s just become too much of a pain. The tabs keep freezing up and simulations simply stop 30-45 seconds after refreshing. It’s just not worth the effort. Reboots and flushing the browser cache doesn’t resolve the issue. For over a week everything has been running fine. I don’t know what’s happened over the past day or so but something has changed. I’m using 3 computers and none of them can run simulations anymore.

Achievements, specifically simuating

If possible, please open you browser’s JavaScript console and send us any errors you see there when the simulations fail or when MBAE is set off.

Thank you.


A bunch of us have been trouble earning rewards for the simulations:


Hi Maka,

Sorry it took so long to respond - I’ve been very busy. Here are some screen snips of what is happening…

I hope this helps. I’d really like to start simulating on this machine again; it’s a 2.6GHz, i5 quad core with an SSD drive and 16 gigs of RAM. It was handling multiple tabs of simulations very well until this started happening.

BTW, the other two machines I was using started working again and stopped freezing up after 30 seconds. Not sure why because I didn’t do anything to change anything. They just started working again on their own.

If you need anything else just let me know. I’m not that busy today. Thanks.


Does simulating on Chrome trigger Malwarebytes?


Please don’t forget about us that aren’t getting XP and Gems from the simulated games! :slight_smile:


This should be fixed now; give it another shot.


I simulated 899 games today roughly, but on the achievements page it says i did it yesterday and didn’t give me the 304 gems. Also, I’m stuck on Stonehold, because I accidentally bought emperors gloves, would it be possible if you could reset my purchases? Thx
(ign is LonelyMusketeer)


Sometimes the game doesn’t realize you’ve done more simulating. Go to your settings page and toggle the sound option. Each time you change it, it has a chance to re-check the achievements.

Right, simulating games will only update your achievement every once in a while (10% of the time you save your user object, maybe by beating a level or changing a setting or something). Otherwise you’d constantly be seeing the simulation achievement pop up. So if you really want to refresh your gems from simulating, play some more levels or twiddle your CodeCombat volume a bunch of times.

I can’t remember how many simulated games it takes to earn more gems, so you might have to do a bit more to get the gems you ned.

The Emperor’s Gloves is one of my favorite items. :slight_smile:

We don’t have a way to reset just one purchase – the only reset we have is a full reset, which starts you over completely.



I get the rewards after I simulated 2x the amount I simulated when I got the last simulate achievement.


how do you get there


Go to Clans>>Your clan(If you are not in a clan just join one by clicking join)>>One of the multiplayer game(example: cavern survival)>>simulate>>And click the orange simulate button and that’s it.


thx :grinning::grinning:


thank u for your post
may i ask a question?
do u know why Codecombat gives gems for player who simulate?
is there any good for Codecombat to get from players’ simulation??

please help me. i am really curious. and i do a hour of searching and i can’t find anything explaining the “WHY?”


IT gets multipayer done more quicly


I meant multiplayer (20chars)


I also meant quickly (20chars)


I dont get any gems from doing simulations @nick


I have simualted rougly 1000 games but i still got no reward


I’ve simulated roughly 10000 games, and I’m not getting any gems or xp. The last time I got the achievement from simulating was one year ago. By the way, just edit your post next time.