Not Earning Gems or XP From Simulated Games

Since it has been a little over a week I’m going to send an e-mail to the site just to make sure they are aware of the thread.


Can those of you who are not getting the achievement and gems let me know which browser you’re using and which arena you’re simulating?


Google Chrome (x64) and presently Cavern Survival.

I have also tried with Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome 32 bit on Windows. Simulating Dueling Grounds.

Just an update, I got an e-mail saying they are aware of it and are escalating it but they are not quite sure when it will be fixed. For me it definitely isn’t urgent, I just wanted to make sure they knew. :slight_smile: Thanks everyone for all the help! I love this project!



I was just messing about on codecombat and wondered whether this issue had anything to do with cookies, so I removed anything that related with codecombat but this didn’t seem to work either.

Just thought I’d update incase this was a line you may be going down.

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I hope the devs haven’t forgotten about us!! :smiley:


It’s a high-priority bug we hope to fix soon.

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I am on Google Chrome Mac OSX 64 bit Sierra and I have tried everything but I am still not receiving gems

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Thanks Nick for the update!!! And for your wonderful product that my students and I are loving :smiley:

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Hello folks,

We just patched a simulation issue – let us know if you still aren’t seeing the achievements (and xp and gems) from simulating. Keep in mind you may have to toggle your sound volume several times before it triggers the achievement.

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Sorry for the delay in responding to this, for some reason it sent the e-mail to my spam box :frowning: Thank you so much for fixing this!! It does seem to be working now. Thank you again!

same but im on a chromebook and in the us

im on a chromebook and I toggled the sound constantly for a minute or two and there was no change in achievement. I am doing the 9 window method but there is no change in how fast the games were simulated. What achievment is gained from simulating over 100 games?

The formula is: gems = sims ^ .4 * 20

I did about 1.6 M sims and eventually got over 6000 gems. It is known that the volume trick does not work now. Instead, try completing a new level. See how these work for you:

I cant complete a new level as I need gems for the only unbeaten level other than replayable ones and I have gotten to the point where I need better code or equipment for them.

thanks though @dedreous.

Try the link…there are older campaigns that are hidden; that link is to one of them. You don’t need to buy anything for most of these.

Completing one of these should count as a trigger for the gem payout.

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Oh, @tv337 I forgot to mention, these ‘new’ older levels also pay gems :wink:

I dont see any link where is it?