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Not Earning Gems or XP From Simulated Games

I’ll make it bigger:

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by the way what if I complete all of them and still need more gems?

oh I forgot to add this what are the different spots where the achievment goes up one step

You can either save some completions for rainy days, buy gems, subscribe, or figure out how to do at least 3 gem shops (27 sims) simultaneously, 24x7, until you have enough sims completed to get the gems you want and then, complete a level.

Keep in mind, I got about 6000 gems with 1.6 million sims…took me about a week or so, with 3 shops running 24x7.

I can’t do that as I can’t buy or sub and I can’t run that many Sims at once

I’m on Chromebook and the volume button trick does not work for me and can not complete the next level clash of clones so I am trying to get gems from simulate

Don’t post in two locations please. It won’t get you help any faster and it clutters the forum.

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How many gems I had to recieve if I simulated about 80000 games?

sorry (20) :sweat: :cold_sweat:

but question is there anyway other then completing levels and simulate to earn gems

These are the only two ways that I know of. The volume trick has not worked for several years now…instead, try completing a few new levels…check out this post: